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LED Light Source for Optical Fibers

The Perfect Tool for Fluorescence Spectroscopy

A filter in the light path eliminates out-of-band radiation, allowing to observe fluorescence from 10 nm beyond the emission maximum

Smooth LED turn-on prolongs LED life and allows to control remotely with a simple switch or relay

The electronics increases the power delivered to the LED at higher temperature, to compensate for LED´s drop in power output

The optical design uses silica and sapphire lenses for the best possible coupling to inside filters and SMA connectorized optical fibers


LED source Factory Installed
Power Supply 12 +/- 1 VDC on 2.1 mm Jack
Power Consumption LED dependent, up to 500 mA
(Wall Mount Supply included)
Temperature Operating: 0… 70 °C
Storage: -40… 105 °C
Humidity 0… 95% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 35 x 70 x 52 mm (HWD)
Weight 120 g w/out Power Supply
Protection IP54
Applicable Standards FCC Part 15 (Class B); EN 50081-1, 50082-1 (CE Class B)
Warranty One year parts and labour

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